this carrd is a bit Tord themed
and a little blood


Welcome to my carrd :D!

Welcome to Alex's lil carrd !HEADS UP! I love writing so there might be a lotNOW BEFORE YOU MOVE ON, don’t be rude about the things in here, don’t like it? GO AWAY.
this is the main page

Carrd made by OreoScarFire/Alex Lunnen

i'm OreoScarFire/AlexLunnen but call me Alex
if you're a good friend of mine/know me irl you can call me Tord
pronouns are He/Him/They/ThemI'm non-binary n Aromantic,
I like men tho
I’m a minorBirthday is March 30I like art and animating
I draw furries/animals and humans
I'm trying to get better at drawing backgrounds
I use lil' faces like :] >:( :D .etc.I don’t get along with silly peopleI call everyone man, bro, broski, bud, and dude so if u don't like it, please tell me !I'm mostly a serious person so i'm not really good with jokesI am not the best at wording things/explainingI am not the best at organizingI have anger and trust issues, I also forget things alot
I overthink a lot too sorry
I can speak Albanian, Norwegian, and English
I am an European-American
fav colors are Navy blue, Red, Black, and any shade of GrayPLEASE don't repost/take my stuff without credit/permission!!

Commission prices !(PayPal only) [USD]
you can also pay me on my ko-fi ! Link to my ko-fi in my social medias
Regular art commisions
headshots/busts - 4$
halfbody - 5$
fullbody - 6$
+1$ for shading+2$ for any additional charactersIcons
plain drawing - 4$
shaded drawing - 4.50$
Animated icons
tween - 6$ (480x480)
frame by frame - 8$ (480x480)
pixelated (frame by frame) - 9$
I'll be giving a 480x480 and a 100x100 of it
no shading for animated icons sorry, they will mostly have 4 frames or more depending on what you want the character doing.if you want more than one character, it'll have a separate canvas/file.Doodles
headshots/busts - 2$
halfbody - 3$
fullbody - 4$
+1$ for shading+2$ for any additional charactersThese are just the regular art ones but I don't make a sketch first and the lineart is a bit silly.
these will only have plain backgrounds sorry.
classic nitro (4.99$)
I'll make you 2 shaded icons or a full shaded body or a animated icon
nitro (9.99$)
I'll make you 2 full shaded bodies or a animated icon with a shaded icon

examples n stuff bout my backgrounds n
more examples/actual examples of my art are in

Can do
-stick figures
-fandom ocs
Can't do
-ship art
-complex designs
-heavy gore
-realistic art
Please pay before I start ! After I get the money I’ll work on your piece as soon as possible !It'd help alot if u tell me what pose/face expression/backgrounds color/etc. while commissioning me.heads up ! I will ask u lots of questions just to make sure I don't do anything wrong.
any questions or if interested, dm me! my social medias are in

Sorry they closedLeave now

I'll mostly be updating prices n such on my newgrounds !commission info + ko-fi will be on this newgrounds postplease look at the sheet on my newgrounds page for up to date info on my commissions !here's my ko-fi lol

Before i show my likes and dislikes,
i have a comfort character that you will see me draw/talk about very often
(i know nobody asked but why not add this in)

Yes Tord
he's a huge comfort for me so i'm sorry if i ever talk/draw him to much
I love him very very much <3

What i like
-TORD <3
-CHEEZ.ITZ (fav snack)
-Bacon (fav food)
-Cola (fav drink)
-Pokemon BW/gen 5/Unova
-Gloomy Bear
-classic/00s/y2k stuff
-dark colors
-pastel colors
-Daft Punk
-freddie dredd
-listening to music
-video games/flash games
-wasting my time on google
-using the waybackmachine to find old stuff

What i don't like
-irl gore/nsfw
-forgetting things
-candy and milk bad reactions to it sorry
-when people spam me
-when people ask me for free art/gift (s)
-the color purple
DNI: (these r srs, please don't be an asshole to me cuz why I hate these)
-kys jokes

Social Medias


Discord - ilovetord

FaqQ; “what are the things you use?”
A; for my iPad I use my Apple Pencil, Flipaclip, Clip Studio Paint pro, procreate, and CapCut
for my phone I use CapCut and ibis paint
For my computer; I use Wacom tablet+pen, keyboard, Flash CS4, PaintTool SAI 2, and Clip Studio Paint pro
(I used to use my mouse, abcya animate, Krita, and firealpaca)
I also sometimes use ms paint and macromedia flash 8 for fun
Q; “Can I have free art/gift?”
A; no I don’t make free art sorry
Q; “can I use your art as my pfp ?”
A; yeah sure ! Just please give credit !
Q: “can I message/dm/pm you something?”
A: sure ! My dms are always open for anything ! (Just nothing personal,triggering,etc. you get it)
Q; “can you help me with my fnf mod?”
A; no sorry
Q; "what do you use to make your edits?"
A; CupCut
Q; “how long have you been animating?”
A; since 2018
Q; “favorite animal?”
A; Birds (I have birds <3)
Q; “where did I get the name OreoScarFire from?”
A; my oc Oreo
If you wanna ask me some questions that aren’t here feel free to dm me!

examples of my art !

I can only make backgrounds like those 00s ones ya know ?
like these I made !

!!Not all the characters shown are mine!!What I use to draw
For Art; I'll be using Clip Studio Paint
For Animation; I'll be using Adobe Flash CS4 for everything
More of my art are on my social medias ! So you can go a check them out there !

TORDas some of you might know, I LOVE archiving/finding old art n stuff.but I mostly love Tordyou are free to take these pics



please read before asking me to do an arttrade!
things about my arttrade;
1. I will not start first to avoid getting myself scammed again.
2. If I end up doing my part first and you don't finish yours in a few days and you're quiet/stop talking to me, I will take down the drawing till I receive your part.3. If you tend to take a long time please give updates so I know you are still up for the arttrade or not.4. I will give you alot of updates if I end up taking a while! Please don't ever think I'm scamming you cause I will never do that to anybody! If I forget about you or go quiet please please please dm me about it!!! I apologize if I do that and I will try to finish my part as quick as possible!5. When posting please tag my alex_lunnen account, oreoscarfire is my main for non-eddsworld art and doodles.6.FOR EDDSWORLD RELATED ARTTRADES, tell me which style of mine you would like I have 2, the eddsworld legacy-like art style or my original art style, if you would like classic eddsworld let me know.